Monday, March 8, 2010

Just the Family Next Door

The G. family are good friends of mine and live just down the street.  So travel time was great.  And fun too.
I had so much fun taking these for you.  You all are so cute and fun.  Even out in the cold snow.  Oh, here's my favorite, a collage of the girls.  Hope you like them.


  1. what a cute family! you make us look so good! I love the photos and cant wait to see the rest. Our baby is going to love these when she is older.

  2. LOVE them! I guess when your taking pictures of some of my favorite people it's hard not to like them! I had no idea you took pictures Cheryl! Next time we are out there you'll have to take some "girl" friend pictures with all of us! I can't wait to see pictures of the "little" lady Gibbs when she gets here! And I can't beleive how big London is already! So sweet! -Dani's friend Cathie from Ohio

  3. Send me your e-mail address.... I have a favor to ask of you!